Active holidays by the seaside

Pobierowo is a perfect place for tourists who enjoy active rest.
When the sun is shining, all tourists go to the beach, and when it’s raining or the sun does not pamper us, we do not give in to the bar atmosphere, we just rent a bike and go sightseeing. Pobierowo has a growing area of cycle paths. Near Pobierowa there are equally interesting resorts – Pustkowo, Niechorze, Trzęsacz, and Pogorzelica. In Trzęsacz, it is worth visiting the last fragment of the church located almost on the seashore, it is not only landscape values but above all, fascinating and surprising story. One of the biggest attractions of this part of Polish Pomerania is the narrow-gauge railway. Going to Niechorze we have the opportunity to experience a great railway trip on one of the few Polish narrow gauge railways. What’s more, this line runs on the line of the two largest towns of the Gryfice County: Trzebiatów-Gryfice. The Multimedia Museum is also worth recommending placed on the cliff a few dozen meters from the ruins of the church in Trzęsacz. An attraction that will interest children can be a day trip to the island of Wolin – Vikings village, bison enclosure or the V3 rocket launcher. Young naturalists will be delighted with the Turquoise Lake, the Natural History Museum. When choosing a ride, do not forget to take the camera. The narrow-gauge railway route is mainly the surrounding forests, beautiful Baltic villages, green fields and colorful meadows.


Pobierowo is a great place for walks among the pine forests.

Pobierowo beach is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. The breeze of the forest smell with a high dose of iodine is a unique mix thanks to which sunbathing on the Pobrowska beach can bring not only benefits for our skin in the form of a tan and vitamin D supply, but also give a large dose of priceless iodine. Walks in the dunes at the setting sun is a real relaxation for those seeking peace and quiet.